Youth Development

For many of our young people there is a disconnect between today’s decisions and tomorrow’s consequences. With increasing rates in youth delinquency, incarceration, isolation, abuse, and other indicators of youth trauma, the problem is growing. In response to this reality, we prepare young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Our focus is to design, build and deliver programming that helps youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. This is accomplished through activities and experiences that provide opportunities for youth to identify and enhance their interests, skills, and abilities.

Our featured youth development program The Life Music Workshop is a 10 week skill building program with a Restorative Justice focus. We provide consistent instruction in the area of music and the arts. While we teach these experiential skills, we will skill stream and teach long term thinking, victim and community empathy, empowerment, advocacy, leadership, self-worth, and more. Over the course of 10 sessions participants get to learn music theory, process life: past, present and future, write and record all original songs, then learn the nuts and bolts of the music industry.

Organizational Development

Employees, now more than ever, choose companies based on individual growth opportunities, personal alignment and organizational culture. Leaders must invest in these three areas in order to attract, retain and grow tomorrow’s top talent. We help organizations achieve stated and emerging individual, team, departmental, and company-wide goals. Group Vigilant helps fill the void between those stated goals and individual employee development. While integrating best practice models in identifying and developing relevant initiatives, we leverage creativity, a unique blend of skills and a large network of providers to help meet needs. Whether in person, online, or over video, we have the ability to find and speak to the heart of a solution that drives culture improvements in organizations. Connect with us to pull from our extensive training and consulting library and develop new solutions that best serve your organizations need.

Community Development

Individual, family and socio-political relationships are strained by flashpoint issues that rule the headlines; people are hurting. These issues are symptoms pointing to deeper systemic problems. Creative, collaborative and comprehensive solutions are the key; solutions that empower communities to partner and solve problems from the inside out. Group Vigilant works to identify societal concerns and relevant solutions, while engaging members of local and surrounding communities in the process. We empower community members with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to initiate change. Ultimate change is a bridged gap between communities and corporate, political and social institutions to effect greater empathy, collaboration and resource development. Stay connected with us as we implement our most recent community development initiative Neighborhood Superman.